Before you would consider any other company for aquarium service please feel free to compare their service to ours.

• We are fully insured and happy to provide proof if required.

• Each client is assigned a dedicated full time service representative. You will not have a different person each time. You will also have a direct number for that service representive.

• A detailed care sheet is provided at every visit. You will know what was done to the aquarium and what was left.

• All fish are quarantined a minimum of 2 weeks prior to bring to your aquarium. Not straight from a wholesaler’s tank. We have a state of the art quarantine facility.

• All fish come with a 60 DAY FULL GUARANTEE.

• You will have a real choice on livestock. Not just 6 or 7 cookie cutter options.

• Water testing at every visit. The easiest way to deal with water quality problems is prevent it or detect it early.

• All service clients are provided with 24 hour emergency coverage. We have enough staff to truly provide this service; it is difficult for a one person company to be available all the time.

• Service calls are made in PROFESSIONAL FULL SIZED WORK VEHICLES. Our vans are fish stores on wheels. They are fully stocked with pumps, lights, chemicals, plumbing parts, filter media, fish foods, and much more. It would be very rare for us not to have what you need. It is unlikely for someone using their personal vehicle or a small vehicle to have the supplies you need.

• We send out professional itemized invoices and they are sent out on time.

Over half of our current service clients started with other companies and now are enjoying their aquariums with Premier Aquarium Service providing their service. We have respect for anyone who makes their living providing aquarium service, it can be long hours and hard work. However, with our strong dedication to being the best we have made a brief list of a few of the things that sets Premier Aquarium Service apart from the competition.

Note: Beware of the all inclusive monthly service fee. It has been our experience that these accounts are notoriously under stocked with the cheapest fish and filter equipment is not replaced on the recommended schedule. If you require an all inclusive monthly service fee, we provide dollar amount goals for the stocking levels and a set schedule to replace equipment. Unfortunately this type of service arrangement can be easily abused buy the service provider – make sure to have all livestock and product to be included in the monthly fee clearly defined. This is another area it is critical to get a detailed care sheet of the service and product provided every visit.

Our professional service representatives are trained to provide high quality regular monthly service on your aquarium. Monthly service normally consists of two scheduled visits per month or it can be customized to fit your aquatic needs. Your service representative is not only very concerned about the appearance of your aquarium, but also its health. Normal service includes: water analysis, algae removal, adding water, water changes, servicing filters and pumps, adding supplements and medications, delivery of product and high quality livestock. Regular monthly service customers also receive on-call emergency coverage of their aquarium.

Premier Aquarium Service is known for providing only the highest quality livestock available, including many rare and unusual fish. We have earned this reputation by providing only hand-selected livestock that are of high quality and health no matter if it is a $20.00 fish or a $5,000.00 fish. All livestock are quarantined for a minimum of two weeks prior to being delivered. We are so confident in our livestock that we provide a 60-day guarantee to all of our regular monthly service clients. We are confident that this dedication to quality will provide our clients with the highest level of satisfaction. Employing the services of Premier Aquarium Service will allow you to enjoy the beauty and relaxation of your aquarium with none of the work.