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Minnesota’s Largest and Most Respected Aquarium Installation and Service Company.

Premier Aquarium Service is dedicated to providing our clients with luxury residential and commercial aquarium installations, as well as providing the highest level of aquarium service and product in the aquarium maintenance industry. We will treat our client’s livestock as pets and not disposable objects. Service Representatives will provide honest reliable service with respect for their client’s privacy. All product and livestock supplied to our clients will be of only the highest quality. Premier Aquarium Service will provide aquarium service throughout greater Minnesota and installation service nationwide.

This web site is designed to tell you about our company. There are many facets of the aquarium installation and service industry and we hope this web site will help point out what we feel sets Premier Aquarium Service apart from the competition. We still believe in the true meaning of words like “quality” and “service”, especially when it comes to maintaining your pets. Technology allows aquariums today to be works of living art while providing your pets with optimum living conditions.

Thank you for considering Premier Aquarium Service

Michael Maki – Founder and Owner


Why An Aquarium

  • Creates and Displays Living Art
  • Aquariums are Relaxing and are Proven to Reduce Stress
  • Provides an Unique Conversation Piece
  • Brings a Piece of the Ocean to Your Everyday View
  • Educational and Fascinating Hobby
  • Fish Make Excellent Pets

What Client’s Say

I can't say enough good things about Mike Maki's work. He is conscientious, competent and cares about his customers. The 240-gallon acrylic aquarium he installed in our home is a source of delight not only for the family but also for friends who visit. If you're looking for someone who understands marine biology and can design a gorgeous aquarium, Mike Maki would have my enthusiastic endorsement.
Dr. Robert V.
I have worked with Mike and Premier Aquarium Service for several years now. The quality of work is outstanding. Mike is always willing to answer any questions. [He] Calls back in a timely manner when he is paged. . . . Mike is very friendly and customer focused. The service is outstanding.
Mary K.
Mike is the most conscientious person who has ever serviced the aquarium. Of the six different people who have serviced the aquarium, Mike is tops. The health of the fish is of utmost importance to Mike. Even when he is not scheduled he stops to check on the fish if there has been a problem. My aquarium has never looked better.
Harvey F.
We have a relatively small, but beautiful saltwater aquarium in our home that we all enjoy everyday and our needs are met entirely by Mike Maki. Premier Aquarium Service is a company that has been a part of our owning a saltwater system since the first day of installation and we hope to always be a customer of Mike Maki. We probably would not have had the confidence to install a permanent aquarium in our new home had we not met, and became acquainted with Mike. The service we receive is undeniably the best, most reliable and most friendly available!
Jeannine S.
Premier Aquarium Service is always dependable, always helpful and in an emergency, Mike is there to help out. We've been a customer now for many years and it's been a great relationship and we've learned a lot.
Bev H.
I'd like to take a moment to say thanks for the great service you have provided. With the recent addition of a second saltwater tank, we now enjoy three fish tanks in our office. We are very happy with the appearance of all of our tanks as well as the health of our fish. Not only have you kept the tanks clean but have also been available and willing to come to our office on short notice when we have called with concerns about the health of our fish. We are very attached to them and really appreciate your help in keeping them healthy and happy!
Lance B.

“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.” Loren Eiseley

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Imagine sitting and listening to a cascading stream and waterfall. Your watching numerous birds including cardinals and hummingbirds. The water is so clear you can see the fish and frogs gliding thru the water. The best part of this vision is your not 3 hours from home at a cabin, you’re in your own backyard. This water paradise can be enjoyed everyday.


Relax and Enjoy! We’ll take care of the work.